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ComfortBridgeTM Technology
+ Innovative HVAC systems

Make certain that your central heating and cooling system operates at peak performance and uses the minimum amount of energy to help create consistent, energy-efficient indoor comfort.


ComfortBridgeTM Technology
+ Home Thermostat Options

ComfortBridge technology features a communications circuit board designed to work seamlessly with many basic, single-stage thermostats or smart thermostats.  More options, offers more comfort for you and your home.


ComfortBridgeTM Technology
+ Practical Home Automation

A suite of Smart home automation controls can work seamlessly with a ComfortBridge Technology system.


ComfortBridgeTM Technology
+ Indoor Air Essentials

Easily combine ComfortBridge technology heating and cooling systems with a full line of Clean Comfort® whole-home solutions to invisibly, silently and automatically enhance the air quality in your entire home.


ComfortBridgeTM Technology
+ High-Tech Accessories

Explore innovative, forward thinking smart home products that feature advanced control, connectivity, and flexibility for personalized comfort and peace-of-mind.


ComfortBridgeTM Technology
+ Whole-Home Zoning

Zoning allows homeowners to select which rooms get heated or cooled and when.  Take more control of home comfort with zoning.