The intelligent HVAC comfort technology serving comfort to homeowners and HVAC technicians


How it works?

Fact 1:
Communicating technology is located in the equipment.
Fact 2:
The technology continuously monitors system performance.
Fact 3:
System performance is customized based on actual data.

Why Does it Matter?

Fact 1:
Many compatible thermostat options.
Fact 2:
Featured on high-efficiency heating and cooling systems.
Fact 3:
Offers consistent and energy-efficient indoor comfort every year.

What You Don’t Know?

Fact 1:
Compatible with most single-stage and smart thermostats.
Fact 2:
Customized algorithm creates precise indoor temperature control.
Fact 3:
Bluetooth® connectivity simplifies system configuration and analysis.

Benefits to homeowners


Energy efficiency

ComfortBridge technology is designed to work seamlessly with a variety of single-stage thermostats or HVAC control systems.


Connected service

ComfortBridge technology continually monitors system performance to ensure efficient use of energy used to heat or cool your home.


Simply smart

The basic temperature functions of your thermostat or HVAC control system remain the same - ComfortBridge technology takes care of the rest!


How is this great for the technician?

We wanted to make certain that your central heating and cooling system operates at peak performance and provides consistent energy-efficient indoor comfort. ComfortBridge technology works with any single-stage thermostat to help create customized indoor comfort specifically for you and your family.


Stop being uncomfortable

Control the comfort of your home with smart learning technology.